This essay discusses how the modifiable areal unit problem, varying geospatial data availability, and power relations inherent in maps complicate the use of maps in policy-making.

This essay strives to justify the geographical scholarship of ‘space’ as a concept, by illustrating its utility to academia, to social justice and to other aspects of society.

A discussion on how ecological modernisation, or ‘sustainable development’, is beneficial in tackling ecological crises insofar as it promises capital gains.

A proposed improvement to the geographically weighted regression function in R for effective comparison of model fit between local and global models.


The Geographically Weighted Regression (GWR) is an exploratory analytical tool that generates local regressions, which makes the spatial analysis more sensitive to conditions that vary locally over the area of interest. This is in contrast to a linear regression, which uses identical coefficients across the entire study area, since it…

While commendable for pioneering the measurement of urban biodiversity, the City Biodiversity Index is not flawless due to its underemphasis on ecosystem services and its equal-weight approach. This essay proposes the use of Principal Components Analysis to more accurately weight the core components.

To investigate the role of pubs as a ‘social leveller’, this essay uses spatial analysis techniques to map Westminster’s pub culture in relation to socioeconomic attributes of the borough.

Zenn Wong

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